Carol De Campos started Office SOS after having spent most of her career working in administration.  While she has worked with small entrepreneurs and global corporations, she found that many of them still encountered the same administrative and organizational challenges.  What was surprising for her was the risks and loss productivity companies faced because they never took the time to properly invest in ensuring their administrative and operational teams were functioning efficiently and utilizing the best tools for their businesses or even using those tools properly.

While Carol is a strong advocate for investing in IT, Carol also believes strongly in maximizing the tools you already have and finding the most efficient way to do menial tasks.  Improvements don't have to be complex in order for it to be effective.

Carol De Campos


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Office SOS:  structural optimized solutions

Office SOS seeks to assist customers in finding efficiencies and best practice in their daily administrative processes. Office SOS interviews and observes companies to see what is happening and the level of change they are comfortable with prior to recommending and implementing tools and strategies to enhance the day to day processes.

Administrative efficiency is often the area that gets overlooked within a company and Office SOS seeks to address that area. Office SOS has assisted companies saving time, increasing accuracy, identifying and solving potential issues, and improving processes by finding structural optimized solutions in every day operations.  Contact us to see what Office SOS can do for you!

About OFFICE SOS:  Structural Optimized Solutions

Celia Desmond

President of World-Class Telecommunications

former Canadian Director and Communications Society Director of IEEE 

"Carol takes initiative to improve efficiency and to tackle tasks she has never encountered before.  She is a fast and eager learner and can pay attention to detail.  She is persistent and thorough in gathering information and enjoys analyzing situations to find solutions."