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Carol De Campos has been working in administration since 2000 in various industries including and not limited to marketing, education, food and beverage, charitable and non-profit organizations, import/export companies, retail sales, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, freight and transport, entertainment. Carol has also trained numerous staff in various administrative functions and roles, assisted with payroll and finance, training, and data analysis, and improved efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism in every position she’s held.

She has moved between completely different industries seamlessly adapting to each new environment and tackling each new group of regulations and rules of operations. Carol has also worked with various operation systems and programs and able to move between Mac and PC with ease.

Throughout, Carol’s strength has been in structural organization and practical application of streamlining and organization. She looks at current operational practices and streamlining operations through programming, organizing, and planning ahead to ensure processes are simple and easy to replicate, adaptable to changing dynamics within the business environment, while adhering to government regulations. She’s been able to set protocols in place that ensure the longevity of the business despite staff-turnovers and she’s eager to assist in transitions for companies.

Carol also plays an active role in her husband Andy De Campos' singing career - including co-writing his song "Toronto!".

Her most recent artistic project was co-writing new Portuguese lyrics to Paulo Carvalho's song "Nini Dos Meus 15 Annos" in commemoration of Portugal's Eurocup 2016 victory in the final game, compiled and created the accompanying YouTube video, and singing back-up for the recording.


Joel Low is a meticulous and strategic IT specialist well-versed in increasing efficiency within IT department and help desks.  An expert in application packaging, controlled environment testing, systems migration, and deployment, he is also experienced in managing end-to-end IT projects with accuracy prior to production. He places an emphasis on quality control, focusing on compatibility of applications to mitigate future maintenance issues with advanced proficiency in industry accredited testing and scripting tools, sharp technical insights to translate complex requirements to interdisciplinary team.

He has moved between different functions and different industries working in Post-secondary Institutions, Financial Services, Government, Transportation & Logistics, National retailers, Insurance, and streamlined operations through scripting and automation of tasks. 


Level 2 & 3 Technical Support
Customer Service
Environment Testing
IT Project Management
Application Packaging
Software Testing and Deployment
File & Domain Security
System Security
Migration and Technical Support
Scripting & End-User Functionality
Process Improvement

Office SOS:  structural optimized solutions

My assessments involve interviews and job shadowing.  When I can sit and watch, I can see a clearer picture of how the different pieces interact, what are the actual challenges vs. what are the perceived challenges.  I thrive on helping to get a business from their As-is state to their As-it-should-be state... not by telling a business what to do, but by getting the staff involved to find the best way to do things together.

Joel Low's Bio:

Information Technology Consultant

"I have known Joel for a very long time and I am very pleased to have him on our team.  He has a natural talent for identifying IT issues before they arise and explaining how things work.  His experience in process improvement within large corporations as well as small businesses allows him to identify worthwhile investments in IT and streamline operations within IT departments to save companies time and money."

~Carol De Campos~

Carol De Campos's Bio:

Business Operations Strategist