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We identify technology, training, and process improvements to take your administrative team to the next level. 




Office Administration is the backbone of any organization.  When it’s not functioning in its optimal capacity, issues in other parts of your company will arise and may result in paralysis, costly mistakes and fixes.  

It’s sort of like dealing with back pain.

Posture, exercising, back support, stretching, losing dead weight, are things that we often don’t want to deal with but have medium to long term effects on the spine.  The spine, as we know, controls the nerves for the whole body.  We keep down the path of neglect for the smaller things and, pretty soon, we’re down at the chiropractor or physiotherapist’s office for that large and costly treatment.  And that is your big SOS that I’m trying to prevent you from reaching.

In a business administrative setting, your SPINE consists of five parts:

  1. S = Structure & Set-up:  This affects the Posture of Your Company

  2. P = Processes & Procedures:  What are the Exercises you do?

  3. I = Information Technology & Tools:    What Tools are you using to Support your business?

  4. N = Notation Control:  What Stretches are you doing to document and file to prevent injury to your business?

  5. E = Efficiency & Effectiveness:  Where do you need to Lose the Dead Weight that is slowing you down?  (And No, it isn’t about firing people.  It’s mostly getting rid of bad habits and helping people get more done in less time). 

At Office SOS, we do a physical/x-ray to determine if/where/why your office is hurting before we prescribe a treatment plan.  We're often able to identify where it may start hurting before the pain starts.  Sometimes, the treatment is just a quick adjustment.  Sometimes, it's physical office therapy.

So, the only question now is:  “Is your company’s back covered?



Our professional staff includes Lean Six Sigma consultants, IT consultants, Administrative consultants, HR Consultants, and Business consultants that can work with small to large business firms alike with a proven track record of improving efficiency for your company.

Office SOS: Structural Optimized Solutions monitors optimization implementation, adjusting strategies as needed.

Office SOS: Structural Optimized Solutions uses interviews and on the job observations to identify the areas to focus on improvement.


Office SOS:  structural optimized solutions

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.